FREE Inventory Management Workbook

The BAR Experts by Ryan Dahlstrom


FREE Inventory Management Workbook

The Bar Starts Here Inventory Management Workbook


This FREE Inventory Management Workbook Download is brought to you by:

The Bar Starts Here - The Holy Grail Book of Business for Bars



The Bar Starts Here is a book that every Bar Owner, Bar Employee and Bar Fanatic will relate to and enjoy.

This Holy Grail Book of Business for Bars is a one of a kind Interactive How To Guide that comes with Over 500 Pages of Operational Tools, Training Manuals and Guides, that you actually  get to download & customize as your own.

I’ve invested over 20 years worth of my knowledge & experience into your success with The Bar Starts Here


The Power of Operating a Successful Bar, Is Now Available to Literally Hold in the Palms of your Hands with The Bar Starts Here.

Here are a few of the Manuals & Guides that are included in The Bar Starts Here;

  • Bartender Training Manual
  • Server Training Manual
  • Sequence of Service
  • Detailed Menu Item Costing
  • Inventory Management Workbook
  • On-Boarding: Job Descriptions, Job Duties, Applications 
  • Forecasting Workbook 
  • 17 Week Path To Opening 
  • Labor Report & Pay Scale Formulas
  • Business Plan & Guide To Opening Your Own Bar
  • Employee Handbook 
  • P&L / Flash Report 
  • Cash Handling & Drop Procedures 
  • POS Procedures & Sample Screens 
  • Security Manual 

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