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FREE Inventory Management Workbook


FREE Inventory Management Workbook

The Bar Starts Here Inventory Management Workbook


This FREE Inventory Management Workbook Download is brought to you by:

The Bar Starts Here – The Holy Grail Book of Business for Bars



The Bar Starts Here is a book that every Bar Owner, Bar Employee and Bar Fanatic will relate to and enjoy.

This Holy Grail Book of Business for Bars is a one of a kind Interactive How To Guide that comes with Over 500 Pages of Operational Tools, Training Manuals and Guides, that you actually  get to download & customize as your own.

I’ve invested over 20 years worth of my knowledge & experience into your success with The Bar Starts Here


The Power of Operating a Successful Bar, Is Now Available to Literally Hold in the Palms of your Hands with The Bar Starts Here.

Here are a few of the Manuals & Guides that are included in The Bar Starts Here;

  • Bartender Training Manual
  • Server Training Manual
  • Sequence of Service
  • Detailed Menu Item Costing
  • Inventory Management Workbook
  • On-Boarding: Job Descriptions, Job Duties, Applications 
  • Forecasting Workbook 
  • 17 Week Path To Opening 
  • Labor Report & Pay Scale Formulas
  • Business Plan & Guide To Opening Your Own Bar
  • Employee Handbook 
  • P&L / Flash Report 
  • Cash Handling & Drop Procedures 
  • POS Procedures & Sample Screens 
  • Security Manual 

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