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Bar Dynamics Operations

I am putting together a new Hospitality & Entertainment Interactive Expo and I had to do some research on the Annual Revenue for Gentlemen’s Clubs. In doing so I came across an old article reporting the figures from Ricks Cabaret in NYC. – Ricks Article Here

Going over their reported Monthly Revenue Figures, I found by applying our Bar Dynamics Operational Techniques, The Bar Experts would have been able to add an additional 60% to the reported bottom line, or better yet, able to add an additional $2,160,000.00 to the reported annual net profits.


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Got your attention? See The Details and Breakdown of the reported figures Here

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Bar Nightclub

Nightclub Hall of Fame President Ryan Dahlstrom, joins Bar Nightclub Professionals at the 2016 Nightclub and Bar Show in Las Vegas this week.

See highlights from the show via Ryan Dahlstrom News

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Are Millennials The Future of Nightclubs

Are Millennials The Future of Nightclubs

I recently came across a article from a blog called New Theory Magazine, claiming that Millennials Are Abandoning Nightclubs and Why.

They seem to blame Millennials for Nightclubs across the country shutting down before passing their first year of being in business. And they go on to say why they actually think that Millennials are not going to Nightclubs.

I however don’t agree. I personally think they reason why so many Nightclubs are closing down is simply for 2 reasons.

Reason #1 – It is to easy to obtain a liquor licenses these days.

Any fool with a little bit of money and the dream or ambition of owning their own nightclub or bar, can actually go find a place with cheap rent, apply for a liquor license and open up within 3-6 months generic cialis 100. Just because you know a few DJ’s and have a little bit of a following on Facebook does not mean you should be able to open your own Nightclub.


Reason #2 – Lack of Operators.

Let’s say you are lucky enough to have the money to open a nightclub and you were approved for the license, and you have found a great location you can afford, Ask yourself this –

Do you know how to design your venue?

Do you know how to Operate your venue?

Keep in mind there is a HUGE difference between Managers and Operators. Managers Maintain Business, Operators Build and Succeed Business.

See The Full Article Here

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Pouring Cost

Pouring Cost

Your Pouring Costs are one of the most crucial parts of a success Bar, Restaurant, Nightclub or Entertainment Venue. Here are 5 Steps along with details and examples to assure your Pouring at a Profit
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FREE Bar Business Plan

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