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by The New Stars of Flip or Flop Vegas on HGTV

Aubrey Marunde and Bristol Marunde [The Stars of Flip or Flop Vegas] are old pros when it comes to flipping homes in Vegas: After more than 140 projects, they have yet to make a gamble that didn’t pay off.

“I would definitely say I tend to bring in the ‘Vegas Glam’ to every property I do,” Aubrey said. “I love the lighting, hardware, and accessories. It’s like the jewelry for the property.”

“With their Vibrant Color Choices and Eye-Popping Patterns and Textures, It seems like a natural transition for Aubrey and Bristol to bring their talents and experience into the Bar and Restaurant Industry,” said Ryan Dahlstrom. “What you see them doing on Flip or Flop Vegas with their Home Designs, is exactly what we want to start offering our clients. When you look at their home design photos, you can start to imagine how beautiful their design features are going to look inside Bars and Restaurants across the globe.”

About Aubrey Marunde and Bristol Marunde:

Aubrey Marunde is the owner of Alter Luxury, an interior Design + Build firm, and the star of Flip or Flop Vegas on HGTV. She has been perfecting her design style for well over a decade and has renovated over 150 houses in Las Vegas for clients looking to transform their current homes into one-of-a-kind statement pieces.

Aubrey’s signature style is best described as “Vegas Glam” due to her fearless use of color, patterns, and texture. She grew up in a family of home builders in Milton, Pennsylvania, and attended UNLV.”

Although both bring an impressive skill set to the table, they agree that they’re stronger together. “I have a design in mind and Bristol makes it happen,” Aubrey says of their symbiotic style.

Bristol adds, “We’re lucky that we get to spend that time together because what we do is very special, and I think it’s really brought us together.”

Colors, Textures, Furnishings, Patterns & Fixtures Examples:

Check out these photos from some of Aubrey’s and Bristol’s latest renovations.

These are examples of the types of designs, color schemes and elements that we can customize and activate into the design and renovations of your Bar, Restaurant, and Nightclub.


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Bristol & Aubrey Marunde

Bristol & Aubrey Marunde